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Good morning everyone! I am in high spirits because is NOT ONLY globally and nationally ranked but also has moved UP the ratings all in one week! I am thankful towards being a resource for all of my readers. I love my readers and am happy that they resonate with my material. I have always promised myself never to write fluff always write the real.



How did I do it?

  • High-quality actionable content – I am solving people and listening to my audience. My niches are social media, personal branding and project management.
  • Increasing my video output – people consume my content differently. Not everyone reads some watch videos while others listen to podcasts.
  • Engagement – I respond to comments and emails. I am grateful that people are contacting me and asking to for help. I appreciate them.



Keep your eyes peeled over here at because there is a whole lot more high-quality, actionable content that I will be delivering. Also sign up for the mailing list to receive the best in social media, personal branding and project management

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    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks for having me. I greatly appreciate the Blogger’s Pit Stop community.

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