Morning Magnet: SAFe Scrum Certified!

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Hey there everybody! It is official: I am SAFe Scrum Master certified passing my retake! This is by far one of the hardest certification exams that I have ever taken. And this is coming from an economics major possessing Certified Scrum Master and Project Management Professional licenses!


Scaled agile framework is way beyond scrum. SAFe combines scrum, Kanban, and extreme programming all into one. I am just happy that I have passed because now I know two types of scrum just I know two type of project management lifecycles.

What’s next?

I am going to celebrating but then start applying my new certification. I do want to be proficient in scaled agile since it is in demand. I am also considering product owner certification (until SAFe training, I thought the product owner role was only in traditional scrum. Now I know that the product owner is also in scaled agile.).

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