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My brand is skyrocketing right after doing and posting my Managing Risks for Project Managers webinar. It is like ‘I am an official trainer/instructor! I have gotten paid to teach someone!’ I am in the big leagues. Immediately I have created a LinkedIn and Indeed job alert to find more jobs. The online instructor job is right up my alley because I love communicating, sharing and exchanging ideas with people. I am happy that Invensis Learning provides with the opportunity to share my project manager experience with the audience.

I am seeking business, branding and project management online trainer, tutor and instructor positions. I help professionals become more productive and efficient in the workplace. Hire me here:

I possess a BA in Economics and MBA. I am also a certified Project Management Professional, Certified Scrum Master and ITIL Foundation Professional with over 10 years’ work experience. My areas of expertise are: business, economics, marketing and project management. Hire me here:


Portfolio : check out my Managing Risks for Project Managers webinar replay

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