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Morning Magnet is BACK! I know that I haven’t been posting a whole lot on in the past two weeks. I have been working some things out. I am happy that these matters have been resolved because I am dead set on getting back to writing. I do have some new items.

Receiving 1200 LinkedIn Followers

I am very happy to receive 1200 LinkedIn Followers (I am currently at 1237 and aim to get to 1250 by this week!). Uploading business-related LinkedIn native video content has led my growth. I have not posted a new LinkedIn Pulse article in 2 weeks; but, having 228 articles in my archives keep my readers entertained.

This February 2018, I am creating a whole lot of new business related videos. I cannot wait to share them on LinkedIn so follow me here:



Receiving 2200 Pinterest Followers

I have received 2200 (currently at 2221 Pinterest followers). This is my most followed social medium. I admit that my numbers have stagnated because I have been focusing mostly on myself by pinning aspirational images early in the morning. I will start pinning more images at night plus producing more content. I have pressed the restart button and will be creating more videos, blogs and images for all of my readers this February.

I intend on receiving 2300 Pinterest followers and generate new content. Project Management Mondays Live will return this month. I am more than ready to discuss project management and share my expertise with my Pinterest community. My original content is a main driver because Pinterest is notorious for re-pinning the same images. My new videos are adding to what’s already there. I cannot wait to share more content with you. Follow me:



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Winter is here and so is the new tall women’s fashion collection. I am carrying Valentino, Gucci and real fur to keep you looking hot during cool temperatures. I am an affordable luxury consignment giving you Neiman Marcus merchandise at near rock bottom prices.


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