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I have completed my Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect Professional certification exam prep training this week. Many people know about the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect Associate but not the Professional. The Professional is 10 times harder than the Associate. Let me explain. I have to heavily rely on my cybersecurity and computer programming skills to correctly answer some of the Solutions Architect Professional (SAP) practice questions. The Solutions Architect Associate (SAA) is the most popular certification allowing people to gain entry into cloud computing, the SAP shows if you know what you are doing.


Before taking the official workforce training, I completed the SAP learning path Although it was 5 classes, it equipped me with the AWS service knowledge and cloud computing industry jargon to understand all of this week’s training material.


The instructor recommends that I complete the Solutions Architect Associate first since it is the easier exam, has similar AWS services like the SAP and will prepare you for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam. He also states that I should not wait 3 months to pass the Solutions Architect Professional exam because it would be too long.

Another thing that he has also discussed is the significant overlap between the SAA and SysOps Administrator. He says that these two exams have 75% overlap; and, the SAA and Developer Associate has 40% overlap. When I ask him if studying for the Developer Associate would help me for the Solutions Architect Professional, he says that it could not hurt.

                BOOM! I am taking the AWS Developer Associate learning path because it is only 4 hours. I will knock this out in 1-2 days max. Furthermore, as a systems admin, I like knowing the intricacies of any computer program. Since I am working on the AWS command line interface, knowing the AWS commands will help me better understand my job as I transition into an AWS systems administrator.

This weekend I am taking the Solutions Architect Professional practice exam to see where I am at. I must establish a baseline in order to see how much work I have to do. What I will say is that completing this SAP training puts me head and shoulders above the competition because I have learned advanced AWS material that the standard Solutions Architect Associate certificate holder doesn’t have.

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