Morning Magnet: Spring Forward

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Spring has sprung! This season is in full bloom and with this renewal. Renewal means shedding the old for the new. Here at I am busy providing spring cleaning tips to get clean your brand, schedule and digital space. If you are to let the light shine in, you must clean out the cobwebs from everywhere and in everything. This means spring cleaning the physical and the digital.

When you mention the phrase spring cleaning, your mind goes straight to the physical: your house, car and office. But have you ever thought about your computer or your phone? Nope! Well, you should because all of those unused mobile apps are draining your battery, using memory and costing your more money on your data plans. It is time to spring cleaning your digital space too.

Below are all of this season’s spring cleaning articles

Spring Clean Your Digital Space

5 Things to Spring Clean Your Brand

Spring Clean Your Schedule

Spring Clean Your Resume

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