Morning Magnet : Steady Climbing

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Good morning everyone! I entitled this Morning Magnet steady climbing because I am steadily returning back to normalcy. I am blogging more consistently this month and I have been laying a great financial foundation. I am also happy that (most) things are starting to work themselves out. It is like I am out of the woods. I am much more optimist about my business and blog. Here are some of the fresh content that I’ve written. Enjoy!

Featured in This Week’s #ContentWritingChat

I have returned to Express Writers’ Content Writing Chat this Tuesday at 11am EST bringing my expertise to pitching your services and rates.

There Is Room for Everyone

I never get mad when I see my friends accomplishing things because they are opening new doors for me.

7 Steps to Be Assertive And Ask For What You Want

I have received so many opportunities from speaking up and having a plan to back it up. Here are my 7 steps to asking for what you want.

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