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Good morning and Happy Monday everyone! Thanks for all of the early morning risers and readers of my I greatly appreciate this. This Morning Magnet series is the reason why I write because I have seen so many people reading my blog from 5am through 8am. It is an honor that people start their days reading my site.

Today’s Morning Magnet is chock full of career management tools and knowledge. This whole month of May I am running a SWOT series. What is a SWOT? It’s a project management tool which acronym stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You can use SWOT to map out your career strategy. It is a cheap way to devise an action plan to guide you throughout your career.

I want you to be success in your career and the SWOT will help you overcome any hurdle. This is why I am doing free Facebook Live broadcasts every Thursday at 7pm EST this May. I want to help as many people as possible successfully map out their careers and dispel the notion that project management is hard and costly. Join me on Facebook here:

Phenomena Corporation also has SWOT products when you want to delve deeper into SWOT and how you can use it for more other things. Buy the SWOT product here  You can also shop my entire store here

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