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This is my first Morning Magnet for May 2022 and it’s regarding being a tech writer. I’ve had this epiphany while reading this AZ-700 positive comment that I have received off of LinkedIn. I have shared my exam prep resources and lessons learned from passing my AZ-700 beta exam on LinkedIn.

It hits me that I am officially a technical writer. It does help that also last week someone commented on my SC-100 beta exam experience Twitter video that this video helped him with multi-cloud.


I mean I have been blogging about IT and tech in one way or another since started in 2015. However, once these comments start coming in rapidly that is when I realize that I am actually working as a tech writer.

Below are some of my articles where I shared screenshots from people saying that my articles helped them pass their exams.

Realizing that I am a technical writer has opened up so many more new opportunities to land. I am now casting a wider net to help companies generate the same results that I have generated for other professionals. Get in touch with me here.

Check Out My Technical Writer Video Below




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