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Happy Monday!

This has been a whirlwind weekend with a lot of (positive) things happening since my last Morning Magnet installment. First, I have received an email from a high-profile business website. The contact person says that she’s followed my site for a while. I am completely giddy whenever someone tells me that he or she is reading my material. I write to help people. I am very big on sharing my knowledge, exchanging ideas and learning from mistakes. It is glorious to hear this coming from someone; and, it is completely out of nowhere without warning. I have been putting out high quality content for going on two years and am happy that it has impacted someone.

Speaking of sharing my knowledge, today all of my newsletters come out! They are a great way for us to stay in touch with me regarding Phenomena (Carla R Jenkins ), project management (PM.Expert ) and positive change management (PositivityChange ).

Programming Note: There is a new Project Management Mondays Live (PMM Live) airing today at 6pm EST. The topic is the Importance of Planning. Watch it here:


You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel here:


Second, I have received an email from the leader of a LinkedIn Group who is interested in connecting with me. This also has come out of nowhere. He’s read my work that I’ve posted in his group and he’s interested in working with me. Yes, I am a good writer but I am getting a lot of mileage out of receiving my ITIL certification. You can read all about it here. I am an IT geek and after nearly one year, I am proud to have passed my ITIL exam!

I am putting my ITIL (and all of my other certifications) to good use by starting a 4-week action planning series. Every Thursday at 8pm EST, I will hold a FREE webinar teach people how to make this second half of 2017 their better half by improved planning. This week’s lesson is the What’s the Plan? Click here to join for FREE:  Below is the next three weeks’ schedules.


7/20: Nothing to it but to do it?

Now that you’re focused with a plan, what are YOU going to do with it? This webinar will give you strategies to help you accomplish this.

7/27: Check me out

Now you are getting results but are you getting the RIGHT results? In this webinar, we are checking to see if these results are any good. And these results aren’t, we have strategies to turn your situation around and get you out of the rut.

8/3: Wash. Rinse. Repeat

Planning is not a one-time event. You have to continue to do massive action in order to stay on track and out of the rut.

All webinars are FREE and start Thursday at 8pm EST. I look forward to seeing you in the audience.

Third, my eBay sales are booming. I am finding new homes for much of my stock. I have also shot a new video showcasing all of the new items. I must admit that YouTube livestream is making a significant difference in the bottom line. Livestream is accentuating the customer experience. She gets to see all of the clothes, the price and can start and stop the video. When the customer gets a more personable experience, she buys. In addition, I sprinkle in business knowledge that I have acquired along the way because I am BIG on paying it forward.


Shop my eBay store:


Watch my newest eBay YouTube Live



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