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Good morning good people! This is Carla R Jenkins and I am coming to you with an all-new segment called, Morning Magnet. I have created this to celebrate all of the readers who start their mornings on my page. I greatly appreciate your reading my blog! I do take my blog serious dedicating time and sweat equity towards improving my writing, viewpoint and content. Morning Magnet will deliver all of the pertinent content from


Be a Victor NOT a Victim!

Yesterday was Independence Day. Since it was a holiday, I had a whole lot of downtime so I started reviewing my site links. Even though I allowed my book’s website domain to lapse, I checked up on its availability. Not only was it available but someone created a home designs landing page! Now I never claimed to be the biggest fish in the pond but the fact that some web crawler was watching me waiting to pounce was just measly! Instead of getting mad, I decided to edit all of my Expand Your Personal Brand links in my online store. I didn’t stop there. I went into my email marketing system’s landing pages and copied my Expand Your Personal Brand book link on all of the them. Hey, I created upsells. In addition, I learned that another new domain was right around the corner so I subscribed to the waiting list so that I would be notified as soon as it became available. Right then I decided to be a victor not a victim. I was going to make more money off of my stuff and NEVER giving that man any more traffic.

I did not stop with all of my personal branding landing pages. I went into my online store found the Project Management Plan (PMP) Survey Audio product and pasted it as an upsell for all of my project management landing pages. This situation could had blown me up like yesterday’s fireworks but I kept grinding, shifted my strategy and increased my monetization.


And speaking of victory…

I checked Alexa Internet, the website ranking site, and saw that ranked 7 million. The biggest news was that my site MOVED up 10 million spots! Now that’s a monumental accomplishment for a business blogging site! All thanks to readers like you!


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  1. Carol ("Mimi")

    Thank you for linking up at The Blogger’s Pit Stop. I’m sharing your link on social media.
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks for receiving me Carol. I love he Blogger’s Pit Stop. I also like reading other submissions too.

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