Musings From My First Video Shoot

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One year ago, I shot my first professional video courtesy of Fitz Hardnett. I never did that before so I hailed a Lyft to Alexandria pier and shot the LinkedIn Profinder video. Earlier this morning I shot my new LinkedIn Profinder video on my cell phone converted it into a YouTube video and shared it on my Facebook. I was proud of myself because I thought that I did a good job. Then I received a FB Messenger from Fitz who volunteered to shoot my video for free. I was perturbed that he thought my quality was deplorable but I jumped at the chance of receiving high-definition video.

I went there excited at the opportunity. I memorized my two pitches: a 25-second pitch for Twitter and a 55-second pitch for Instagram and YouTube (Twitter now allowed 2 minutes 20 seconds). These two helped me during the event. I thought that with one year of Periscope livestreaming underneath my belt, I was ready for the camera.

Looking back I was happy to jump out there and learn more about professional videography. I incorporated a lot of the camera angles, professionalism, signature look in all future videos.

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