My 2022 Certification List

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Happy New Year everyone! I am starting this year off writing down which certifications I am passing. Several of these are cloud computing certifications that come from AWS Community Builder and the Google Cloud Jumpstart Program. Others come from my receiving my ISTS DreamTech CISSP scholarship. While others will come from cloud provider’s free promotion (Oracle Cloud).


My goal is to complete these programs, build my personal and professional networks while producing a tangible result.

2022 Certification List

  • Facebook Digital Marketing Associate
  • SC-300 IAM Administrator
  • SC-400 Information Protection Administrator
  • Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database Specialist
  • AWS Machine Learning Specialty
  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional
  • Terraform Associate
  • Google Cloud Digital Leader
  • Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer

Facebook Digital Marketing Associate

This is leftover from 2021. I received this scholarship from Meta Elevate (formerly Facebook Elevate) which is for Black creators. I aim to pass this certification in January 2022 and start using it to build up my Facebook and Instagram profiles.

SC-300 IAM Administrator

I have received a free exam voucher from attending the Microsoft Certification Week for Partners. I also have been wanting to receive this cert since passing my SC-900 certification. Becoming a multi-faceted cloud administrator has been a career goal. I am already an Azure cloud administrator. Receiving this certification would expand my skillset into identity and access management (IAM).

SC-400 Information Protection Administrator

I have received a book review and a Microsoft Ignite free exam voucher. Like with SC-300, passing this certification expands my opportunity. Furthermore, I love pattern analysis and cybersecurity is right up my alley. This information protection fits perfectly.


I am in the process of receiving my CISSP scholarship check to start my certification studies this January. CISSP is the senior-level IT certification and I have grown into qualifying for this. CISSP requires 5 years’ IT experience. I have been doing IT for over 5 straight years. I will also say that my Ohio Means Jobs AWS training, ExamPro beta tester, working on IT and cloud contracts have helped me better understand the CISSP role. I am more than ready to become a CISSP and get to the next level.

Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database Specialist

I recertified my Oracle Cloud Foundations Associate last September under this current free promotion. Life in the form of Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Select program and applying for the Microsoft Certified Trainer have gotten in the way. Since Oracle Cloud has extended its promotion through February 28, 2022, I am getting this machine learning certification. I want to be multi-cloud in artificial intelligence and machine learning not just cloud computing.



AWS Machine Learning Specialty

I am currently in the AWS Community Builders Program  machine learning track so it is only natural to receive the machine learning specialty certification while in there. One of the program’s perks is being eligible to receive a free exam voucher. I am taking full advantage of this.

Furthermore, as I’ve mentioned with the Oracle Cloud certification that I want to become multi-dimensional in machine learning. I am already Azure AI Engineer. Becoming an AWS machine learning engineer would be great!

AWS Solutions Architect Professional

This is a holdover from Ohio Means Jobs Cuyahoga County workforce development training program. Though I received training in 2019, I do feel that 3 years later I’ve professionally grown into becoming a solutions professional. I better understand cloud architecture and which price points to package services to help companies achieve their business goals.

Like the CISSP, becoming a true AWS solutions architect professional is a process. And I think that having accumulated all of my cloud experience and being an AWS community builder member that I have the skillset to become a solutions architect professional.

Terraform Associate Certification

I was studying Terraform in 2021 to expand my infrastructure as code (IaC) knowledge but AZ-700 got in the way. I also did not fully understand Terraform’s structure since I was dealing with specific cloud vendors (AWS CloudFormation and Azure Resource Manager). My brain had not latched onto cloud agnostic IaC yet.

However, I am back to passing this for 2022 because I am all about growing and a truly professional should not be confined to just certain cloud providers. I am also thankful to serve as an ExamPro beta exam tester on this one too.

Google Cloud Digital Leader

This is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) fundamentals certification. I am sitting for this to learn more about the GCP infrastructure before attending the GCP Jumpstart Program. Having this under my belt will help me when studying to pass my Associate Cloud Engineer certification.

Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer

I have been approved for the Google Cloud Jumpstart Program which will start this January. GCP is the number 3 public cloud behind AWS and Azure. I always want to be GCP especially since I’ve lived in Cleveland and several Fortune 500 companies use GCP. However, life and other cloud demands have gotten in the way.

But NO MORE! This year I am getting Associate Cloud Engineer certified! I am very happy to have received program support for my goal because this helps remove the resource and money barriers that I’ve faced as a cloud professional.

In Summary

This is a very ambitious list but I am an ambitious person. I will also say that receiving free exam vouchers, scholarship and training support alleviate the two biggest burdens: money and resources. Since 2019 I have been self-financing my cloud journey and I do feel that in 2022 I am will become a senior certified cloud professional.

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