My 300th LinkedIn Pulse Article – What a Journey!

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Whew! I am at 300 LinkedIn articles! This is a game changer for me because I have had a lot of personal and professional changes happen to me in between the 250th and 300th article. I have:



LinkedIn Pulse writing have helped me processed all of these life and career-changing events. I have also learned a whole lot from the LinkedIn community too.

Here are my top lessons learned en route to writing my 300th LinkedIn Pulse article:

  • People want more PMP content – People want more of my Project Management Professional (PMP) articles and video than anything. LinkedIn is the business social media and project management is a hot field. People want my expert knowledge in project management certification. Going forward, I will produce much more PMP content because I love to help people achieve their goals.
  • Project management groups have fueled my growth – I share my LinkedIn Pulse articles in several project management groups and receive a lot of engagement. I am very happy to share my knowledge with them.

Bonus tip – This growth also highlights the importance of targeting the market. You get higher engagement rates (likes, comments, shares, etc.) when have the right target market.

  • Video is everything! – It most certainly is. I have shared videos on my platform and – boom – have received hundreds and thousands of views. Most of them are project management related. People need to stop sleeping on video especially native video. LinkedIn prioritizes this over YouTube and other videos that aren’t directly uploaded onto LinkedIn.
  • Gratitude and Kindness are everything! – I shoot videos thankful my followers for joining. It is genuine because I truly do love them. The number of views prove it. However, I just think kindness and being genuine go a long way!

Here’s to 350, 400 and more!

About Carla R Jenkins

Carla R Jenkins is a certified project manager, scrum master and ITIL v3 professional with over a decade’s worth of experience. She has worked in both the private and public sectors successfully completing projects and programs on time, within scope and under budget. She possesses an MBA and a BA in International Economics. To work with me, visit and connect with me on LinkedIn:

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