My AWS She Builds Cloud Up Video Received Over 450 Twitter Views

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I did not know that my AWS She Builds CloudUp solutions architect associate video that I shot yesterday and uploaded to Twitter would go viral but it did. I’d like to thank everyone who watched my video and got it over 450 video views in less than 1 day.

I was already in the program for one week when I shot this video. I just wanted you the people in my community to know what I was up to in the AWS cloud space.


AWS She Builds has been helping women get certified in Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate. If you’re a woman you should check it out. I am enrolled in the SAA program for two reasons: 1) to learn more about all of the new services and to renew my SAA certification and 2) to use this newly acquired knowledge to pass my AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification (I am an AWS Community Builder. One of its program’s perks is receiving a free exam voucher.).

Even though I have been here for only 1 week, I like answering questions on Slack and helping other women become cloud certified. I love helping people and is all about paying it forward. I do a weekly blog series, This Week In AWS Community, chronicling my program journey. I may do one centered on AWS She Builds CloudUp to discuss my SAA renewal journey.

In the meantime, click here to sign up for the AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA waiting list

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