My AZ-700 Exam Test Experience

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Whew! That was a doozy!

Okay last night I took the AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate beta certification exam. Although I will not get my official score back for at least 4-6 weeks, what I can say is that it was a doozy!

My exam has the following: app service, networking and apps, gateway subnet Powershell code, Azure Front Door, Traffic Manager routing methods, virtual machine, virtual network, network security group, ExpressRoute and network rules.

I am thankful that I have waited until the very end to sit for my beta exam. That enables me to benefit from practice exams that have come out over this past weekend. I also get to read prior beta test taskers’ feedback and adjust accordingly.

What I will say is that all of the resources that I have mentioned in my resource post help a whole lot. However, I am adding some more resources to help you if you decide to sit for the AZ-700 beta exam


Microsoft Learn Learning Paths – These Are Free

I have used these free Microsoft Learn learning paths to get my hands dirty with labs and beef up on my Azure networking knowledge beyond the official AZ-700 learning path.

So that’s it. I will await my score. In the meantime check out all of my resources on this page and my previous blog post if you’re going to sit for the AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate beta exam


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