My Certified Scrum Product Owner YouTube Playlist Is Out Now!

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My Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) YouTube Playlist is out right now! If you’ve been reading my blog as of late, you would know that I am receiving so many new product manager and product owner job leads. This is a great sign especially 6 weeks after receiving my certification!


I’ve amassed my playlist because viewers come to my YouTube channel to learn more about IT, cloud and project management. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Furthermore, product owner is big right now because scrum is big. During the pandemic companies moved from waterfall to agile. Scrum is the most popular subset of agile project management. The product owner is the liaison between the scrum team (scrum master and developers) and management.

Another reason why product owners are in the demand is the pandemic has merged distinct roles. Now companies are having employees do both scrum master and product owner roles. This is one of the big reasons why as a Certified Scrum Master, Iobtained my CSPO license this June.

                Watch my new CSPO YouTube playlist below:



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