My Twitter Community Watches Over 2800 Minutes Of Video A Month!

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My Twitter Family Watches 100 Minutes Of Video A Day



I am truly honored that my Twitter Family is watching over 2800 minutes of video this 30-day period! This is huge viewership!

Let me put this in context. I have 2150 followers. This means that each follower watches over 1 minute’s worth of video per month. This is an actively engaged following who tunes into my videos.

Most of my videos are under 1 minute covering IT, cloud and project management topics. Although I do schedule most for 9am EST release and pin them on top of my profile, many Twitter followers favorite them for later and continue watching even when I unpin them from my profile.

For these past 30 days, most of my traffic has come from these videos:

I am very happy to deliver useful videos that are valuable to my viewers.

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