Newsletter – Issue 10 – Communicating Progress!

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Greetings from Washington DC!

I hope that your week has been fabulous! Mine has and I have been taking time during my morning walk to absorb the fresh air and see the sights. Below is my full moon photo that I have taken Tuesday. It is very rare to see a full moon during the day but alas it is out there.




I have entitled my newsletter communicating greatness because both of my podcasts have returned and I also believe that everyone can communicate greatness whether it is through podcasting, face-to-face or nonverbal. Even before I start on my own with podcasting, I was in Toastmasters International. I got into because when I relocated to DC, my first job had it. I was proud to complete my first 10 speeches receiving my Competent Communicators license. Till this day, the speaking skills that I received through Toastmasters International served me well in my career. Here is more information about Toastmasters International:

My Blogtalkradio Shows Have Returned!

Back by popular demand, I have returned to my regular Blogtalkradio schedule. I am airing Project Management Mondays and Positive Change on Thursdays. Below is the Blogtalkradio replay of Project Management Mondays:

Here is the all-new Positive Change episode which will go live Thursday at 6pm EST/3pm PST.

Project Management Minute Podcast Replay:                                                                        

In today’s replay, I discuss the initiating domain. The initiating domain is the first of five domains. It is where the project starts. Oftentimes people overlook this domain but it is essential because the initiating domain is where you start the project. Click here to listen live:

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I Am On Top LinkedIn ProFinder YouTube Search Rank!

Another way of communicating is through video. I am very happy to announce that I have attain 6 spots in the LinkedIn Profinder YouTube! I am very honored because it is totally unexpected. All I have done is shoot a new video every week promoting myself and my business. One day I do the LinkedIn Profinder search and viola, I am in the top search! YouTube is the second-largest search. It is owned by Google, the largest search engine. These two search engines are the reasons why I have generated at least one proposal per week. I will keep shooting videos because my goal is to have the number one video on search! Here is my article:

Commemorating Expand Your Personal Brand 5-Month Anniversary

Five months ago on May 17th, I published my Amazon bestselling book, Expand Your Personal Brand. It was the hardest thing to do because I had never created a product before. This book was my official foray into entrepreneurship. Afterward, I published the workbook. Both are still available on Amazon below:







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