Newsletter : Issue 11 : Someone Is Always Watching

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Hey everyone! Halloween is right around the corner and that means candy, trick or treat and the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin movie. Here in my neighborhood, people are going all out in the decorations department and I love it! Here is a photo:



This past week I got a Messenger email from someone willing to offer me a free LinkedIn ProFinder video shoot! He saw my most recent video. Long story short, someone was watching me. I was surprised because potential employers were my target market. Those were the people whom I wanted to watch. I was happy with the professional video shoot. This experience magnified the importance of showing up every day and killing it. Someone was always watching.


I could say the same thing with my Instagram account. Ever since I debuted my Project Management Minute podcast on Instagram, I received two actual talent agency comments. Now busy professionals were my podcast’s target audience. Remember, people were always watching!

Wish You Were Here

Last Wednesday I attended the Tiffany Largie event courtesy of Avalaura. I did not even know who she was; but, I was glad to go because I learned so much from her. Here is her website: .Below is my photo collage:




Project Management Minute – episode 14 – Executing Domain



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