Newsletter : Issue 12 : Building Partnerships

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Carla’s Corner

I am a Type A and openly admit that I am not a proponent of group work. This is mainly because some group members don’t pull their own weight. However, what I have learned the past two weeks the importance of partnerships. First, I have had my first professional video shoot. Second, I am officially a HER Chronicles 2 coauthor. These two projects have forced me to rely on others. They have also opened me up to the positive side of group work.

In the spirit of Halloween, here are some ways that you can do team building on this holiday.

9 Easy Ideas for Halloween Team Building

LinkedIn ProFinder Video Shoot

Last week I showed you a behind the scenes video clip. Here is the official YouTube video. I have boost this video on Facebook and have received 123 video views. Moreover, I have received more LinkedIn ProFinder proposals.


HER Chronicles 2

I am very happy to be a coauthor. This project affords me the opportunity to tell people my financial literacy story about moving from ChexSystems to over 720 credit. Most people want to improve their credit but don’t know how. I have done it and my story, Fighter : We Aren’t Born, We’re Made! HER Chronicles is available for pre-order here:


Transitioning to Mentor with eBay

Finally, I have learned about the importance of transitioning to a mentor. As I mentioned, since June I have started decluttering my place. I have managed to sell 30 items for over $3200 ($3231 to be exact. I did a Periscope which I converted to YouTube and someone on Facebook asked me about selling on eBay. That was surprising because I had only been doing it for 4 months. I viewed myself as sort of new. 4 months is not a lot of time; but, for someone who has never sold on eBay, I am viewed as the professional.

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