Newsletter : Issue 13 : Learning from Others

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Hey everyone! As you have known from last week I have been a coauthor on the HER Chronicles 2 anthology. I am happy to announce to everyone that HER Chronicles 2 is officially an Amazon bestseller! You can read about this here:

You can also buy the HER Chronicles 2 here:

This represents my second time becoming an Amazon bestseller. My first time with Expand Your Personal Brand I would had never thought I would had achieved these two milestones this year. There were so many books and authors out there that didn’t accomplish this distinction once let alone twice.

You can buy Expand Your Personal Brand here:

Lessons Learned

What I had learned during the anthology was to rely on others and how much pro experience I acquired from Expand Your Personal Brand. I admitted that I had very bad tunnel vision. I always kept my had down and grinded. The HER Chronicles experience allowed me to take stock in my Expand Your Personal Brand experience. Unlike many of my coauthors, I achieved this status. Moreover, I loved working and trusting others. The anthology was a true sisterhood. I also was able to tell another story, this time about financial empowerment.

My other takeaway was learning how to creating a system I have learned not to work in isolation. With Jai Stone, there is a system. There are conference calls, private Facebook groups, a copy editor and business liaison. That’s a team. With Expand Your Personal Brand, I have a copy editor and a publishing company. I am working towards getting a business liaison. Developing systems thinking is essential since I am starting on my third manuscript.

Upcoming: Top 40 Project Management Terms E-Book

As a community, you already know about my project management courses. I am relaunching my top 40 project management course. For reference here is the press release:

I will have a corresponding ebook. My goal is to educate and help people better learn official project management. This book will follow the Project Management Body of Knowledge guidelines because I sincerely want people to learn real project management. The book will be done before the end of November. Of course, you will be the first to let you know!

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