Newsletter : Issue 14: Happy Thanksgiving

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Hey there! Here is an all-new newsletter just in time for Thanksgiving. This year has been one of monumental shifts. As we celebrate with our families, remember what you are thankful for and what you can still do for the remainder of 2016.

I have grown so much personally and professionally. When I started 2016, I had no idea that I would be a business owner and two-time Amazon bestseller. I have experienced a lot of growth financing my own book and blog tour towards being a part of the HER Chronicles 2 anthology. I have expanded my knowledge by seeing how a more seasoned entrepreneur does it. You can still purchase these two books here:

HER Chronicles on Amazon:

Moreover, I am thankful for being open to partnering with others to expand my budding empire. I have partnered with a videographer to shoot my first two professional LinkedIn Profinder videos.  I have used the shorter video as a Facebook Ad generating over 300+ views. In addition, I have expanded my metro area from strictly Virginia to DC and Maryland. I am truly thankful for these milestones.

I Have Hit 1000 Pinterest Followers

I am very honored to have 1000 (now 1052) Pinterest followers. I love photography and this social media platform because I get to see pretty photos.  Pinterest has helped me learn more about social media, entrepreneurship and project management through the pin boards.

Black Friday Sales Update

I know that you have received the Expand Your Brand and Wallet last Friday. I have been working towards creating high-quality products that benefit people. This is my bar. My project management products are aligned by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) the official guide for Project Management Professionals (PMPs). Whenever you purchase my products, you learn real, actionable steps towards improving your personal and professional lives!

I will be loading up my eBay store for Black Friday because I am intent of decluttering my entire condo! It is so important to end 2016 on having a clear space and only want I need. I admit that I have learned so many business lessons through resale.

I have a very good announcement: I have just opened up my new store (Shout out to Sharvette Mitchell and Leslie Smith on the Jai Stone Facebook Live video for this recommendation. Visit and ). Here it is!

Over the next few days, I will be adding more products and services into the store. I will be sending out another email Wednesday and a follow-up Friday taking you behind the scenes on my transitioning from WooCommerce to Selz.

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