Newsletter : Issue 15 : Doing Big Things in December!

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Happy December everyone! I am not waiting until January for that new year, new me thing. I am doing big things this December. I am (and you are too) more than capable of making changes right now. Why wait until January when you can start today? Moreover, I have 3-4 more weeks to test my new site and marketing strategies and get solid analytics on what is working and what is not working. Waiting until January would be wasting time that I could not have gotten back. Remember, time is your most precious commodity. Once it is spent, you cannot get it again.

Carlarjenkins is Completely Revamped!

I have completely redone my site this past weekend! Here are the changes that I have made in order to polish my professional brand:

  • Remove the home page tab
  • Updated the about me tab
  • Completed the work with me tab showcasing my vast experience. Nearly every section contains links
  • Added a new speaker one sheet along with new photos

This update is much needed in order to get me where I want to be in 2017. Why wait until January when I can get a head start now? Below is a photo.





I am officially a Sn.ips Social Media Influencer!

I am truly honored receiving this distinction. It has come out the blue. Actually, I have had to researched Snips Media because I have no idea who it is until now. This is a leading social media influencer company that has brands. I am strongly looking to monetize my brand now so joining Snips Media is a big step forward. I am currently looking at all of the new information to learn more. I will keep you posted on everything. Here is the article below:

30,000 Periscope Hearts

I have hit another milestone: I have passed the 30,000 heart milestone. It was nearly one month ago that I crossed the 25,000-heart milestone. You can read the article here:

500 Instagram Followers

I have accomplished a very big milestone surpassing the 500-follower mark on Instagram. Although I have had my account since last year, I haven’t taken it serious until this summer when I converted my personal account to a business one.

Promoting the Project Management Primer Bundle

This past weekend I have been actively promoting my Project Management Primer Bundle. This bundle contains 5 files ( 2 audio courses, 2 video courses and 1 course slide) that will make you a better project manager. All of my courses are aligned with the Project Management Body of Knowledge, the official project management industry standard. Buy it today for $67.

In Case You Missed It

Positive Change Radio episode:  

Here is the latest Positive Change Radio Blogtalkradio replay from last Thursday.


Participating in Dawniel Winningham’s 12 Days of Christmas Pass the Cast

Starting Tuesday, December 13, 2016, I will be participating in Dawniel Winningham’s 12 Days of Christmas Pass the Cast. I am giving everyone a heads on and the schedule below so that everyone can check me out. Watch me here:

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