Newsletter : Issue 16 : Your Image Does Not Take a Holiday Because You Do

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The Importance of Controlling Your Image as a Working Professional

Although many people have taken off to celebrate Christmas, there are still many people whom are working. Your image does not take a holiday just because you do. I have learned that this year. Since starting in 2015, a lot of people check out my site. I have noticed the importance of controlling (not merely crafting) your image. Let me explain the difference: You can create an image, pick out brand colors and have a hosted website. That does not mean that you are in control of your image. Controlling means being able to articulate how your image, brand colors and website come across. One way of controlling your image is looking at Google Analytics. Looking at mine is eye-opening. Although I am a female, men represent over 75% of my visitors. That is unusual especially for a female; however, I must remember that my topics (project management and change management) are very masculine. I recommend that you do the same thing with your image. Even if you only have a LinkedIn profile, I want you to do the following:

  • examine your image,
  • the amount of control you have; and,
  • how you want to be viewed in the New Year

Like I have said, your image does not take a holiday because you do.

Case Study: My LinkedIn ProFinder Videos

I have noticed how much my life and business have changed over my controlling my image. When I originally started filming my LinkedIn Profinder videos, I just wanted to shoot videos and post them on social media. I played them on Instagram and then learned how to convert them into Youtube videos. I did them every week because I felt that people would be bored looking at the same video. I never envisioned that I would rank top search in YouTube under LinkedIn Profinder. I was diligently putting out videos. They also allowed me to shoot two more professional looking videos. Yes, I started shooting on my camera phone, but I controlled my image by shooting my videos myself.

I rarely rant in my newsletters but controlling your image will be the distinguishing characteristic for your career. Now it is the time to reexamine it because there is down time. You cannot be in the same position next year as you are this year. That’s unacceptable.

Christmas with Carla Promotion


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I Have Over 45,000 Hearts on Periscope

I am very happy to announce that since last week’s newsletter, that I have gone from 30,000 hearts to 45,000 hearts. I have accomplished this due to my active participation in the PeriGirls Facebook community and increasing the frequency of my broadcasts. Most importantly, having great content is indispensable. Follow me on Periscope at:

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Also starting Tuesday, December 13, 2016, I will be participating in Dawniel Winningham’s 12 Days of Christmas Pass the Cast. Watch me here: . Below is my schedule where you can catch me.

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I will be sending out a survey to you because I need honest community feedback about what I am doing right and what I can improve upon during the New Year. It should be coming out this Wednesday or Thursday.

Facebook Friday Christmas with Carla Giveaways

I will be hosting two Friday Christmas with Carla Giveaways. The dates are below. I will notify everyone once I finalize the events.

Facebook Friday Christmas with Carla Giveaway – Friday, December 16th

Facebook Friday Christmas with Carla Giveaway – Friday, December 23rd

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