Newsletter : Issue 17 : Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas Community! Here as always I send you many well wishes to you and your family.


12 Days of Christmas with Carla Continues!

Also do not forget that I am still celebrating 12 Days of Christmas with Carla. Day 7, I am putting the Project Management Plan Survey Video on sale for $9.99 for TODAY ONLY! Day 6’s offer (the Project Management Primer Audio Bundle) is still available too for $14.99. Buy it here: Keep up with all 12 Days of Christmas with Carla here:

Social Media on Steroids!

I Have Surpassed My 2016 50,000 Periscope Heart Goal!

I am very happy to announce that I have surpassed my annual goal of 50,000 hearts! This is very big given that only a couple of months ago have I started broadcasting more than one time a day. In addition, I have started sharing my broadcasts in the PeriGirls Facebook community. Moreover, I have participated in the Dawniel Winningham’s Pass the Cast. However, generating high-quality content is the biggest reason for my smashing my goal (I am currently at 71,000 hearts and I will surpass 75,000 hearts by next week’s newsletter!).  Read it here:

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Here are my pointers for having high-quality content

  1. Speak on what you know
  2. Create an outline
  3. Rehearse
  4. Share other people’s content which whom you like

I am Now on Instagram Live!

I have taken to Instagram Live (courtesy of my 1 ½ years’ Periscope preparation). The livestreaming feature has debuted on Android this week and I have broadcast three times already. Instagram Live provides me with a chance to reach others. My second broadcast has been watched by people who are not my followers. Here is the article:

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Instagram Live Tip

  1. Post the time that you are going live 2-3 hours before you go live. Due to the algorithm, your followers may not see all of your posts in chronological order. Posting it 2-3 hours, give your followers time to rearrange their schedules to watch and interact with you.
  2. Here is my previous Periscope where I discuss what I have learned on Periscope that I have applied towards Instagram Live:

I Have Achieved 225 Medium Followers!

Although I have not broadcast this platform much throughout my newsletter, I have been active on Medium. For those who do not know, Medium is a blogging platform founded by Evan Williams, Twitter cofounder. You can read about it here:


Project Management Mondays Have Returned!

Today at 6:30pm EST, Project Management Mondays will return. I will take the opportunity to discuss all of my project management products that will help you save time, money and energy. Click here to listen live:

I Am Still Participating in Dawniel Winningham’s Pass the Cast Periscope

I am still participating in Dawniel Winningham’s Periscope pass the cast from today until December 23rd  Below is my schedule so that you can check me out!

12/19 5:10pm-5:20pm
12/20 4:40pm-4:50pm
12/21 4:40pm-4:50pm
12/22 4:40pm-4:50pm
12/23 5:10pm-5:20pm


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