Newsletter : Issue 18 : Going Out on Top

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I am very happy that you have rocked with me this entire year! I greatly appreciate it. I admit that this year has been full of new learning experience for me. This is my first time writing a weekly newsletter.

I am Hosting a Thursday, December 30, 2016 8pm EST

I am ending 2016 on a high note with my hosting a free time management webinar. I want to help people improve their time management skills. I have been writing my December time management series because too many bypass this month for January; however, there are 31 days in December a lot that you can accomplish. Remember, you don’t want to be in the same place in 2017 that you are now. Here is the link:

Social Media

I Have Received 100,000 Periscope Hearts!

I have accomplished my extended 2016 Periscope goal! This is great because I truly love Periscope and communicating with people. I recommend that you have great content and identify a niche to have the target market and high retention rate. Read here:

I Have Reached 1100 Pinterest Followers!

Yippie! I have crossed the 1100 threshold. Pinterest is my second-favorite social media to Twitter because I love photography. I am honored to have these followers. Read it here:

I Have Received the Official White House Christmas Card!

I received it in the mail last Friday and was dumbfounded. I was in disbelief but I actually received the Official White House Christmas card. Read all about it here:

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