Newsletter : Issue 22 : What Are You Open To?

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Hey everyone! I am BACK with an all-new issue!

I love livestreaming and social media because I get to communicate and exchange ideas with people. I have been on Periscope since July 2015. That’s 18 months. Time surely flies! I am an active Perigirls member. For those who don’t know, Perigirls is the largest Periscope community with over 10,000 members.

Tuesday’s word was open. Immediately I did a scope asking people what are you open to? Watch it here:

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Pressing the Reset Button

I have had to start doing a video marketing rebrand. I have learned that LinkedIn wanted me to upgrade to Business Plus and pay it $59.99/month to use LinkedIn ProFinder. Eh, no! I have stopped using this but this also means that I have to redo my videos. I am okay with because I view it as an opportunity. I have the chance to add my name and Phenomena Corporation into my videos. Why promote LinkedIn Profinder when I can promote myself? Furthermore, I don’t feel like redoing my videos are all that bad when I already have a serious livestream presence. I have been on Periscope since July 2015 so doing video isn’t anything new to me. In addition, I have gotten comfortable with Facebook Live broadcasts. Finally, I am grateful that this situation has happened now in January instead of later so that I can simply incorporate this new video campaign schedule in my 2017 goals.

New Positive Change Radio Episode

This Thursday at 6pm EST, I will be broadcasting an all-new Positive Change Radio episode entitled ‘What Are You Putting Up With?’ . Click here to listen live:

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