Newsletter : Issue 23: Staying Ready

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Hey everyone! I hope that January and this year have been kind to you. They have been to me. Things have been picking up rapidly this New Year. I have received numerous collaboration opportunities out of nowhere. Some good, some bad; but, the point is that you should always expect people to be looking at your performance. I have admitted numerous times that I have some of the worst tunnel vision known to mankind! Once I set a goal, I am so laser-focused, I drown out everything around me until I am finished. This level of tunnel vision and can good and bad. It can be good because keeping your head down and ploughing through will help you achieve your goals faster; however, on the bad side, you are isolated and don’t really see other people looking at you. I admit that I need to work on this. It is important to be keenly aware of your surroundings. Which gets me to this issue’s topic: staying ready.

In 2017, you cannot have personal and/or professional development lapses. They will be detrimental to you. Referring back to my collaborations, I am receiving lots of Scrum Master (a type of project management position) jobs. I received my certification in March 2016. That meant that people have been looking at me for 10 months.  Regarding a previous job, when I earned my first certification, it took me 8 months to receiving a promotion at another employer. It is imperative that right now in January, that you start sowing the seeds to reap the harvest later this year or early next. The only way to reap this harvest is to stay ready.

Here are some resources that will guide you in the right direction:


MBO Partners:

Harvard Business Review:

The one common thing that all three resources stress is continual learning.

How Am I Staying Ready?

Right now, I have invested a lot into my social media and business training. I am currently enrolled in a mastermind which has started this month. I am glad that I have jumped on it because I am quantifying my time. Every week this month, I see progress. I actually see myself doing something constructive. See, this time is going to pass anyway. Being in this mastermind at least gives me something to show for it. Also the mastermind leaders have us using Pinterest which I absolutely love! For new subscribers, I openly admit to my love for Pinterest because I love photography. I have chronicled my ascent on Pinterest via my blog. I am very happy to announce that I have reached 1300 Pinterest followers! I truly am amazed at the rapidity of my Pinterest account. It’s attributed to my project management boards. Most people only think of LinkedIn when it comes to business social media; but, business is comprised of infographics and project management. Here I have written about this odd but wonderful combination!

The mastermind has also validated my ideas and kept me from making embarrassing product creation decisions. It is the incubator where you can test out ideas before presenting them to the public. In addition, I have been assigned a business besties who has been helpful giving me ideas (Did I mention that I have horrible tunnel vision, right?!). They have helped me see things differently and cast a wider net regarding our homework.

Regarding social media, I have been participating in Cici’s 21-day Instagram Bootcamp. FYI: Cici is the truth! She is one of the best people to help you improve your Instagram. She is also a Periscope VIP influencer. You should follow her here:  .  Once again, I love Instagram because I love photos; and, I have been enrolled in several of her classes since early fall 2016. During this 6-month period, I have introduced my brand colors, created videos, templates, run successful Instagram Ads and tightened up my brand content. Things are finally clicking and at the right time because I am certain that with continual learning, I am well on my way towards reaping a successful harvest!

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