Newsletter : Transitioning from Summer to Fall

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Carla’s Corner – Transitioning and Rebounding

As the season changes from summer into fall, it is important that we change too. Transition is an essential part of living. Ask yourself what did you not do during the summer and make a plan to do during this fall. Hit the reset button and come back better!

Welcome Nena Lucero to the Phenomena Corporation Team!

I would like everyone to welcome Nena Lucero to the Phenomena Corporation Team! I have hired her as the company’s virtual assistant. She is responsible to implementing my social media strategy and has total control over my business Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Her work has already increased my Facebook engagement. Speaking of Facebook, if you have not already done so then subscribe to my Facebook page here:

The Top 40 Project Management Terms Course is Complete

I am very happy to announce that the course is complete! This course aligns with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), fifth edition.  I am passionate about having my student learn as much real project management as possible. That is why I have created this course. The course is $97 and you can enroll here:

For a limited time, both the Expand Your Personal Brand Book and Workbook are on Sale

For a very limited time, both my Amazon bestselling Expand Your Personal Brand book and its corresponding workbook are on sale. The ebook’s price is now $7.99. The workbook’s price is $3.99. Purchase them here:



PMM Minute podcast on Soundcloud

I have started the Project Management Minute podcast on Soundcloud to help the busy professional learn the discipline. I totally understand that many of my Blogtalkradio Project Management Monday listeners love my show but it is 15-30 minutes long. None of my Soundcloud podcasts are longer than 5 minutes allowing listeners to learn on the go. New episodes are uploaded every Monday and Thursday. My latest Project Management Minute episode is here:

Listen to the podcast playlist here:

Subscribe here:

Soundcloud Strategy

I have received a lot of positive feedback and increased subscription to my Soundcloud. Before PMM’s podcast creation, my channel has been inactive. Now that I have created the podcast series and uploaded some of my book interview, I am gaining momentum. I have established Soundcloud goals. My goal is to obtain 100 subscribers by November 1, 2016. I will keep my community abreast of my progress.

Converting my PMM podcasts into YouTube videos to increase SEO

I have also decided to convert my Project Management Minute podcasts into YouTube videos to increase SEO. YouTube is the second largest search engine and is owned by Google, the largest search engine. My strategy is about getting my name and project management message out there.

Speaking of subscribers, I have over 850 on Pinterest

I have gained over 100 subscribers since my last newsletter. I attribute this growth to repining my PM.Expert articles onto my Project Management board and changing my boards’ order. Now I have all of my blogs on the first row. This change draws more attention and traffic when viewers check out my profile. In addition, I have pinned my YouTube LinkedIn Profinder campaign videos in there which are generating traffic. My Google Analytics attest to this fact.

Like my Pinterest page here:

Out and about

As many of you know, I have an economist background. For the past month, I have been attending Brookings Institution events. Brookings Institution is a premier economist think tank. I saw the US Treasury Secretary get interview ahead of the G-20 meeting (an economic meeting of the 20 largest economies) and another economics lecture which were good. View the photos below:



An All-New Project Management Minute episode – Scope

I will upload an all-new episode entitled scope this Thursday. Scope is one of the three constraints. Cost and the time are the other two constraints.

Top 40 Project Management Terms Book

I had an epiphany this past weekend: I could convert my video into audio and have it transcribed. My tentative book completion date would be around October 15th. I will keep my community informed once it is done!

Take care and thanks for reading and subscribing!




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