No More Microsoft Monthly Cloud Skills Challenges

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Hey everyone! It is with great sadness that I notify you that Microsoft has stopped its monthly Cloud Skills Challenges for the foreseeable future. This means an end to completing a learning path and receiving a free exam voucher.

Below is my screenshot email exchange with someone at Microsoft. He confirms that for the very near future, there won’t be any more monthly Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenges. He confirms that several organizations are running their own Cloud Skills Challenges.


I admit and have responded to Microsoft expressing my disappointment and displeasure about its end. I have and am still using free exam vouchers that I have received from its Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenges to upskill and reskill myself.

I have used this program to pass these following Microsoft certifications:

  • DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals
  • AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals
  • AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate
  • SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals



I still have 3 Azure certification exam outstanding that have been booked by this monthly Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenges program.

This program would be sorely missed for two reasons: receiving a free exam voucher not a 50% exam voucher. Second, this free exam voucher is a great way to bypass the crappy (IMHO) PSI $15 discounted voucher program (You can read all about it here.). Now, unfortunately many test takers may be at the mercy of PSI in sitting for their exams.

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