November 2022 Certification List Update

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Okay everybody! This November update is 4 days late but it is here.

This November I have not received any new certification. I passed my Google Cloud Digital Leader on October 27, 2022. GCP ‘officially’ said that I passed November 2, 2022; however, since I counted my pass in October, I cannot count it twice in November.

What I have been doing is gotten accepted into the Microsoft Learn Career Connected Dynamics 365 program. As a community college student, I qualify for the free Microsoft fundamentals certification. I have started studying MB-910 Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Fundamentals because this was covered in my small business management course.



What’s Different From October 2022?


Two important things: I did not pursue my AWS Solutions Architect Professional or my GCP Associate Cloud Engineer. Regarding the Solutions Architect Professional, I did not feel like I had enough turnaround time since I passed my GCP Cloud Digital Leader and that whole Kryterion test delay debacle.

Regarding the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer, I had my GCP Cloud Engineer informational interview. He said that he mainly used his Professional Cloud Architect; and, that the Associate Cloud Engineer certification was for technicians. Furthermore, since I had over 1 year’s cloud experience, I could go straight for the Professional Cloud Architect and not the Associate Cloud Engineer.

GCP Cloud Associate Engineer is on my original January 2022 certification list. Ditching it would be my third certification (SC-300 and SC-400 because I passed my SC-100 expert level certification and did not need two associate level certifications).

Thus far, I have completed on that list:

  • Facebook Digital Marketing Associate
  • GCP Cloud Digital Leader

What’s Next?


  • Continue interviewing for Google Cloud positions. I am getting traction from passing my GCP Cloud Digital Leader.
  • Pass my MB-910 Microsoft CRM Fundamentals certification and leverage the Microsoft Learn Career Connected to land a Dynamics 365 position. I may also attend the December 2022 Business Applications Cloud Week for Partners since it covers Dynamics 365.

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