On Becoming A Certified Tech Trainer

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I have been busy this latter half of this week enrolled in CompTIA Certified Tech Trainer (CTT+) course.    Of course, I have a backstory so here it is!


I received this email from a company with a preferred contractor program out of nowhere the week of Thanksgiving. It was like a dream come true because not having the CTT+ is holding me back from completing my Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) application. I already have the AZ-104, AI-100 and AZ-700 Azure associate certifications to qualify but I need a training certification. Now with this CTT+ I am in!

Or so I thought…

Wednesday was day 1 and I could not see the class. I would go into my Zoom webinar and be the only one there and then the host would cancel the meeting. I spent over 3 hours in the morning corresponding with the support staff about the class. I later had to go the training location’s website to engage with the chat rep. She provided me with corporate’s phone number.

I spoke with tech support and learned that I had two accounts and that the support staff used the Indeed job search engine email address to register me for this second account. I added a different email account, reset my password and was finally able to complete the 2-step registration to enter the classroom. I relayed everything to my account manager who apologized and granted me an exception.

Day 2 – Thursday

I tried using my new password in the account but the system denied me so I had to click ‘reset password’ reenter the same password with the new email address and I was back in! Whew! Finally, I checked into the class and started learning.

As someone who passed several very technical certifications, the CTT+ is not that technical. It was a welcome respite from things that I faced on a daily basis.

So there were some good news and bad news: the good news: CTT+ did not have to be renewed and it would satisfy my Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) requirement. The bad news was that New Horizons was not providing vouchers for both (yes there were two) certification exams totaling over $650. Yikes!

Click here to watch my day 2 CTT+ recap here!

Day 3 – Friday

I survived (in my words) giving my virtual classroom demo. I asked the instructor since there were more than 5 people in our class could they sign my sign-up sheet. She agreed then said that CompTIA may not let me ‘alter or edit’ the video since other students were presenting on the same day. I will email CompTIA to see about that.

In the meantime, I started asking around to other companies about webinars I conducted in order to get their approval and sign-up sheets. I refused my CTT+ and MCT applications to be hung up over this requirement.

Click here to watch my day 3 CTT+ recap here!

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Now that the formal training is done I will go back into Udemy and watch that CTT+ course and do some practice exams. My goal is to pass the exam before December 23rd so that I can send off all of my material, get my certification and slide into becoming a MCT for free before December 31, 2021!

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