I Passed the ITIL Exam!

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Today I passed my ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) Foundation Exam on the first pass! I am extremely happy because I have had to keep this under wraps until it comes to fruition. I have to go dark because I am all about outcomes NOT processes and steps.

This is the shortest turnaround period that I have ever had for a certification exam. I have a 2-day bootcamp. I supplement this with my Udemy GreyCampus online ITIL prep course. It lets me have a working knowledge of ITIL before I set foot in the classroom. This is my fourth certification and as with three before it, I have always prepared ahead of time because I feel like I am in charge of my education and understanding. I don’t want to be at the mercy of anyone. Now on to the good stuff!

Why did I take the ITIL Exam?

It has been on my list for a while. It is sort of completion and cleaning off my plate. Also I want to deepen my IT knowledge, quantify my service management knowledge and increase my competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Professionally, I also have PMP and CSM. Receiving my ITIL certification puts into the stratosphere because now I qualify for more job and contract opportunities. Personally, I am a longtime Trekker (raised on original Star Trek reruns with William Shatner). I have a love for technology and ITIL will help me get more exposure to the IT sector.

What did I learn about ITIL?

I have learned a whole lot more about a new system and service management. ITIL has also helped me envision domains differently. In project management there is initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing. In ITIL, there is service strategy, service design, service transitions, service operation, and continual service improvement. Moreover, ITIL has taught me a new take on the Deming cycle. In ITIL, it’s the continual service improvement’s 7-steps.

What resources did I use to pass ITIL?

I have used Udemy’s GreyCampus ITIL prep course (At the time I bought it for $10 during a sale!). I have watched some of the modules’ videos to familiar myself with the ITIL material. Finally, Intellectual Point’s 2-day ITIL Bootcamp. It’s also where I have taken the test.

What’s Next?

Using my ITIL certification (of course!) and learning how to incorporate service management in project management. I am very big on learning how to continuously improve. ITIL provides me with this opportunity!

In the meantime, connect with me on LinkedIn and shoot me an email [email protected] when you want to start working with me!

Source: http://www.pm.expert/passed-itil-exam/

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