Passed My Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate Exam

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This is my second scrum certification!



This past Saturday, November 14, 2020, I passed my Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate exam!

I was amazed because initially I thought it was the practice exam link in the class’ Slack channel. I saw people saying that they failed it. I just took it on a whim. I received my 75% score (30 out of 40). Then I read the bottom where it said download your certificate with social media buttons! Thinking it was a prank, I went to Acclaim to verify if this was an actual certification and it really is! I was so surprised because I have just registered for the free scrum training to get a refresher and keep my skills. Here I landed my second scrum certification! I admitted that this scrum certification went a whole lot smoother than my first scrum certification!



What’s Next?

I will finish the free scrum training. I want to receive the 16 credit hours. I have already emailed the Scrum Alliance to see if I can convert this certificate into scrum education units (SEUs).  If I can then I am 80% of the way done with my 2022 Certified Scrum Master renewal. It would feel great to be current until March 2024.

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