Passing My AZ-104 Certification Exam

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It’s official: I am so happy that I have (finally) passed this exam. I failed my first exam on February 1st (I completely forgot all about scheduling it). 2 months later and I passed.

This is my first Azure associate exam. It is completely different level of difficulty versus the Azure fundamentals exam. I want you to know about this upfront so that you can adjust your studying habits.

This is also why passing my exam is so fulfilling because I have overcome. Also I am now a cloud administrator.


Here are the resources that I used this time to pass my Azure Administrator Associate exam:

My goal is to go into cybersecurity – I always love statistics and finding outliers. I want to know if these outliers are one-offs or the start of a pattern. Achieving this Azure Administrator exam helps me so much. I am also thinking about going into Azure security and/or SC-300 IAM administrator.

Good luck everyone!

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