Phenomena Has Achieved 1000 Pinterest Followers

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Phenomena is announcing that its CEO Carla R Jenkins has achieved an important milestone on having over 1000 Pinterest followers. Pinterest a photo-sharing platform is one of the largest social media platforms. It is essential to have a presence on Pinterest because females are a core demographic. They are the majority of Pinterest’s users, viewers and buyers. Pinterest is a driver towards and project management. The project management board has the most followers. This board also contains all of the PM.Expert blog content. Furthermore, Project Management Minute podcast episodes have been responsible for exponential growth of the project management board. Finally, some of Phenomena’s Teachable online education platform competitors follow the project management board. This is the ultimate level of respect because when your competitors follow you, this means that you have high quality content. In addition, the board containing eBay Adventures series has a huge following.




The company’s 2016 strategy is to get to 1250 followers and position itself for a professional account. The ultimate year-end goal is to start running ads on Pinterest and that requires a business account. Moreover, to get to 1250 followers, we will restart Project Management Minute and producing high-quality content


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