Phenomena’s Social Media Strategy Shift

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I have reached 1500 Pinterest Followers. This is a major milestone but also a corporate shift. Pinterest is the company’s second most-followed account. Twitter is first with 1534 followers. However, by the end of this month, it’s predicted that Pinterest would surpass Twitter. This means a social media shift in strategy. The bulk of Pinterest’s followers derive from the project management boards. Phenomena is attracting followers due its PM.Expert, Project Management Monday and Project Management Minute podcasts.


Now Phenomena’s primary foci are Pinterest for social media and project management. These are the two ideas showing the most growth. Furthermore, CEO Jenkins has posted a daily project management video tip series for the past 3 weeks on Instagram. This tip series has increased her Instagram following positioning herself as an expert. In addition, one of Phenomena’s project management competitors from Instagram has followed our Pinterest account. That makes the second competitor to follow us on Pinterest (The first competitor hails from Teachable).

Here are this month’s Pinterest goals:

  • Get to 1550 by March 31st.
  • Use Pinterest to increase my email list by 100 subscribers
  • Promote my spring challenge email in Pinterest

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