PMI Has Accepted My Project Management Facebook Group Mentor For Credit!

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Yay! The Project Management Institute (PMI) has accepted my female project management Facebook group mentoring for giving back sharing information personal development unit (PDU). I am so thankful for this because as a mentor, I have helped a lady obtain her scrum master certification this past March. Even before I received the title mentor, I shared my videos, advice and respond to questions. I am all about guiding these women through the certification. I want to be the resource that I should have had when I started.


PMI also accepting the Facebook group mentoring position shows how forward thinking they are when it comes to mentoring. I am happy that PMI sees the virtue of online community engagement and learning. Traditional (read: offline) learning ways are not the only way to learn project management. Furthermore, I am just happy that I can help spread the importance of project management. This upcoming week I will start submitting my PDUs to PMI to accelerate my PMP certification renewal.

As I have mentioned before PMI changed its renewal process, I created PM.Project newsletter and broadcast Project Management Mondays on Blogtalkradio and YouTube Live to educate and encourage people. Being a Facebook group mentor is an extension of this.

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