PMI Has Created A New Construction Certification

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PMI has created a BRAND-NEW project management news. The Project Management Institute (PMI) has just released its new construction certification. Formally titled Construction In Built In Projects, this certification is for those in the construction industry..

The CPBEP consists of 7 online, self-paced courses and 3 micro-credential and 1 capstone project. There does not seem to be an exam like CAPM and PMP. PMI is saying that its business need is based on current construction projects being 20% late and 80% over budget. This certification will solve these two problems. This is a very interesting assessment.



My Opinion – This Is Driven By Advent Of MegaProjects

I am thinking that the result of having this certification has more to do with the advent of mega projects. A mega project is any project that has over 1 million customers or 1 billion in budget. With construction projects hiring global architects and builders, there is a new need for a new paradigm.

Take Oracle, a US multinational company, acquiring Cerner, a European healthcare company. Certainly their workflow will span two continents resulting in many megaprojects. Some of these projects would mean building new buildings.

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