PMP Docuseries Video Received 100 Views

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People are receptive to receiving my project management knowledge because my Thinking about Creating a PMP Certification Renewal Documentary video  has received over 100 FB Live views.


This is my second go-round for PMP certification and it has clicked with me that I am a mentor. I have accumulated so much knowledge that I wish to help people along the way. I have renewed my certification under a different set of criteria.

During my first renewal in 2015, all I had to do was take 60 personal development units in training. Now in 2018, I had to do 35 training credits and 25 giving back credits. Those new giving back credits stumped me but I came overcame it.

I’ve realized that I can help so many people who are aspiring and/or renewing their PMP licenses. If you need help, reach out to me here and we discuss your options:

Watch the video below



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