Positive Change with Carla: Highlighting the Best Project Management Products

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On Monday, February 13, 2017 at 6pm EST hostess Carla R Jenkins will discuss the best project management products available on the market from her store. She is a certified project manager who creates products for busy professional who want to learn project management and time management but are stretched for time.

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Below are some of Phenomena Corporation’s product highlights:

Store: http://www.pm.expert/shop and https://carlarjenkins.selz.com/

Project Management Primer audio + video bundle: http://www.pm.expert/primerbundle

Project Management Plan Survey Audio Course: http://www.pm.expert/pmpsurveyaudio

20 Things Project Managers Should Know Audio Course: http://www.pm.expert/20thingsaudio

Project Management Primer Audio Bundle: http://www.pm.expert/audiobundle

Project Management Plan Survey Video Course: http://www.pm.expert/pmpsurveyvideo

20 Things Project Managers Should Know Video Course:  http://www.pm.expert/20thingsvideo

Project Management Primer Video Bundle: http://www.pm.expert/videobundle

Top 40 Project Management Terms Course: http://www.pm.expert/top40course

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