Positive Change with Carla : Position Yourself as an Expert

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May 11, 2016 – Tomorrow a new episode of Positive Change with Carla hostess Carla Jenkins will broadcast on how you can position yourself as an expert. It airs at a special time 4:30pm EST/1:30pm PST time. Many professionals fear May because it is college commencement month. There is a slew of newly minted degreed professionals who will work for less money. Don’t view this as a bad thing. View yourself as an expert and the marketplace always pays experts more than beginners.

Article : http://positivitychange.com/2016/05/week-pcm-position-expert/

Click here to listen live : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/missphenomena/2016/05/12/position-yourself-as-an-expert

Also my new book Expand Your Personal Brand is available on Amazon for pre-order. May 17th is its publication date. Buy it today here: http://expandyourpersonalbrand.com/

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