Pressing The Reset Button This Second Quarter

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Today is April 1st, the first day of the second quarter. I know that the first 90 days of 2020 have been extremely challenging to say the least. Even in times like these, I still want you everyone to set second quarter goals. Doing so, helps you create a type of much desired normalcy because you are looking forward towards something.


Here are some articles to give you five steps towards helping you successfully set goals and keep a clear head.

First we’ll start off with what’s urgent vs. important (There is a big difference everyone!)

Second, what does freedom looks like to you? Focus on the now.

Third, Here are 7 easy steps towards creating a goal tracker

Fourth, if you need more help in setting goals, you can always purchase my 7 steps to a goal tracker program which will give you more help towards creating the goals that will help you move forward this second quarter and beyond.

Fifth, if you feel that managing your time may be your issue with not achieving your goals, you can also check on how to Track Time bundle.


Here’s to an even better second quarter,


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