Progress Report : 60 Days In

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Today is March 1st. Whether it feels like it or not, spring is right around the corner. Where has all of the time gone? We are already into the third month of 2018. It is high time to do a 60-day check up. We have to evaluate our progress. It is important to see how well you are performing. Whether or not you are doing well, this 60-day mark is always a great time to look back. However, if you are underperforming, then this is a great time to reexamine your performance.

Here are 10 things to consider:

Perform all of your responsibilities

This is number 1 for a reason. Not only perform all of your responsibilities, do your best job. No slacking just because the tasks are not new anymore. Also if you are stuck, ask for help.

Learn the culture

Culture is very important to any organization. Absorb it like a sponge. Watch for the nonverbal which are more powerful than the verbal communication.

Meet with your management to gather feedback

Meet with your boss to make sure that you have clear and concise instructions.  This year is different from last year and you need to know what is expected of your right now in the beginning. If anything goes wrong, bring it up now. Don’t let it fester. The question you should ask is ‘ what is your definition of success?’ These meetings also signal to your boss, that you are proactive and in control of your career. Remember, it is your responsibility to advance your career.

Invest in some easy wins

Document all of these early wins. These go beyond bolstering your self-esteem. You can bring them with you during your meetings with the boss. Furthermore, they will serve as inputs for your first quarterly review. Documenting your wins shows your boss precisely what you are contributing.



Review the efficiency of company processes and procedures

If you have a solution to the problem, write it down before pitching it. Oftentimes, people mention their new ideas during meetings but don’t do the legwork to execute them. Formally writing down your solution, makes you more credible because he has something to work with.

Continue to build relationships with your colleagues

Don’t stop networking just because people are returning from the holidays and just getting back into the flow of work. A new cycle means new opportunities.

Visit other departments

Get out of the bubble and see how other departments operate. This would also be a great time to network and meet the new hires. You can also see if these other departments have needs and gaps to fulfill. Maybe another department is doing something better that you can incorporate into your routine. You will never know if you stay in the same fishbowl.

Evaluate boss and colleague feedback

Feedback is critical towards your immediate and future success. Taking the emotion out of the situation is my first recommendation. We are new and want to be accepted so job when someone says something critical, we become defensive. The reality is that your boss and coworkers are trying to help you do your job better.

Continue to evolve in your new role

I add the word evolve in there because you are wiser now than in the very beginning. Write down how you have evolved over these two months and what you expect to accomplish by the 90-day mark.

Continue to attend training

Even though you think have mastered everything, still keep learning. Training also presents you with a chance to expand your internal network by meeting new employees.

Reviewing these 10 things will help you better determine where you are during these first 60 days.



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