Projectized Turns 2!

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Hey everybody! I am very happy that Projectized, my project management livestream show, turns 2! This is very big for a couple of reasons: 1) I have learned that my show has helped so many people learn project management and 2) I have learned to keep current in project management too. Two years’ livestreaming a very big feat.


Projectized covers three things: the business of project management, how businesses use project management and obtaining project management certification. You can watch Projectized Mondays through Fridays 5:30pm EST on Periscope, Instagram Live and YouTube Live

Programming Note – Periscope will cease operations this March 2021. It will become Twitter Live. This is a bittersweet time because Projectized’s original broadcast on January 8, 2019 on Periscope.

Don’t fear: Projectized will be moving to Twitter Live.



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