How to Receive 100 Percent Positive Feedback Rating on eBay

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Yes, it is possible to receive 100% positive feedback rating on eBay. Below is my customer service mantra to get and keep you there.

My customer service mantra is:

  • Provide good quality merchandise – that’s half the battle.
  • Fair pricing – the rule of thumb is if the item is pre-owned (worn), price it 50% of what you’ve purchased it. For instance, a $500 pre-owned dress would start at $250.
  • Expedited shipping – I ship only domestic and global USPS priority mail.
  • Answer customers’ questions:
  • Livestream to enhance customer experience – I give my customers behind the scenes looks via Periscope and YouTube Live
  • Provide lots of photos – eBay is a visual medium. Your customer does not touch the merchandise
  • Honestly in product descriptions – I tell people where there is a whole, rip or tear in an item. It is all about being honest. Integrity is NOT for sale!

As always, shop my store for the absolute best in tall women’s affordable luxury fashion!

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