Receiving 1700 LinkedIn Followers

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I am very happy to receive 1700 LinkedIn followers! I truly grateful to receive both old and new followers. My page has always about providing the real conversations in social media, personal branding and project management. I am especially proud of this threshold because LinkedIn is the business social media platform so there is validation that the business community recognizes and rewards talent.


I will also say that viewers are still liking my Project Management Professional (PMP) and ITIL certification articles. I have received emails from new followers. In addition, my Project Management Mondays Live (PMM Live) show How to Become a PMP episode has received nearly 90 views. Many new followers are hungry for project management resources.

With numerous business videos and over 250 LinkedIn Pulse articles covering social media, personal branding and project management there are 1700 reasons to follow me on LinkedIn.

Follow me on for the latest and greatest on LinkedIn. If you are a business, partner with me on LinkedIn Profinder at My areas of expertise are branding, social media, strategy and project management.


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