Receiving 1775 LinkedIn Followers

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I am very happy that I have received 1775 LinkedIn followers. As a business blogger, LinkedIn is the business social media and receiving a lot of new followers!

A lot of my followers comes from my LinkedIn Letter, newsletter that you can ONLY get from following me on LinkedIn. When I asked my audience how could help them, I received over 200 views. This is a viral post because this allowed non-followers to read my article and learn more about me.

I also received a positive write-up from a former school administrator about my being a great project manager. I convert this into a social proof article. It is one thing for me to say that I am an excellent project manager. It is quite another when someone vouches for me.

And as always, video! Video is the highest converting medium out there. Most of my articles have an accompanying video which is big for gain readers and YouTube channel subscribers (I am currently at 96 and aiming for 100! ).

Social media, personal branding and project management are my three niches. For the best content on LinkedIn, follow me here:




More About Carla R Jenkins

Carla R Jenkins is a certified project manager, scrum master and ITIL v3 professional with over a decade’s worth of experience. She has worked in both the private and public sectors successfully completing projects and programs on time, within scope and under budget. She possesses an MBA and a BA in International Economics. For more information, visit

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