Revisiting July 2017 Goals

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August is here! That means checking in to see if I have fulfilled my July goals . Below I am revisiting them:


What I have accomplished

  • Secured 5 interviews
  • Have 2 contracts outstanding

What I haven’t accomplished

  • Didn’t get 5 paying clients
  • Didn’t increase my subscribers by 100
  • Didn’t increase my online store sales

Why didn’t I accomplish these goals

  • Didn’t promote my list daily on social media
  • Just fixed my website email issue July 30th.
  • Didn’t promote my booking session every week

Am I going to take any of these July goals into August?

Yes, I am going to take the 100 subscribers and actively promote myself more in HootSuite, livestream and on my blog. I do know that promoting my site more actively and having the email widget working on my site will get me 100 new subscribers. Furthermore, I will create 3 more sequences and freebies. My current sequences may be getting stale. I have to liven them up. I will keep you posted.

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